The Best of British Labradors and Gundogs

Your best friend at home and in the field

Are you searching for the perfect family companion and gundog partner? Then let us share our knowledge, experience and ability to help you do just that. We breed and train the top quality British Gundogs, British Labradors, English Springer Spaniels, and Cocker Spaniels. Whether it’s a Gun Dog (American spelling ) or Gundog (British) that you seek; puppy, or part trained dog ready for the field, then Robin and Tibea Gundogs are here to help you. We also, through excellent relationships with top breeders and trainers in Great Britain can locate the exact dog you seek. We have imported gun dogs, both adult, part-trained and fully trained, and puppies – all with excellent health and working backgrounds to ensure our clients receive the very best dogs.

If you seek British Gundogs, imported or USA Bred, UK Gundogs, especially British Labradors, with top genetics from working lines then search no more. Tibea Gundogs can help you get just what you seek – the dog of your dreams.



Having trained dogs with his father in Dorset, England from the time he began to walk, Robin continues to train British gundogs using the genuine and best successful British methods of today. Robin is Brit, and brings on a gundog that is both a dog for all the family; and a special dog on the shooting days. British Labradors are renowned for their ability to be the ideal family friend and companion, yet provide the drive and birdy-ness to be the perfect hunting partner. With thousands of acres of upland, water and varied terrain to train your gun dog, Robin brings his unique skills to a variety of shooting situations, training a dog to handle what he will encounter in the shooting field.

Robin is the first British gun dog trainer, A Panel kennel club judge and full member of the UK Kennel Club to be issued with an 01 Visa and Green Card for his extraordinary ability in the USA.


Should you be looking for a Labrador or Spaniel; puppy or trained dog; Robin has dogs to meet your needs. Where necessary due to the right dog not being available from our kennel we do a detailed search and import the best gun dogs from the UK for clients. In this way, Robin is able to source your British Gundog with top genetics, directly from Britain should you require this. You will be safe in the knowledge that your new hunting partner will be fully assessed by Robin prior to receiving him in USA. Not just ability to work and be the perfect companion but also with excellent health scores and records. Robin is able to obtain part-trained and finished dogs, Field Trial Champions, Field Trial winners or just proven genuine working dogs that have seen thousands of birds on genuine shooting scenarios in the UK. Tibea Gundogs also has dogs at stud. Dogs which have proven themselves in the field and are medically sound on all health checks. Looking for that perfect partner for your female? Contact Robin to find the ideal stud.


Tibea Gundogs main approach is to provide quality, well-trained dogs for the gun, however the British Labrador has proved to be the chosen dog, because of its calm demeanor and work ethic, as a service dog or assistance support dog including PTSD. If that is your requirement – we can help. Talk to us about your needs and let Tibea Gundogs help you find that exceptional companion you seek for you and your family. The ideal family gun dog.

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