We recognize that every dog is different: as is every owner/family and hunting environment the dog will experience. Therefore, to meet each of our client’s specific needs, we customize our training programs.

Board and Train programs, taking your dog from the beginning of obedience to the more complex performance required of a finished dog in the field.

One on One where we work specifically on your needs together. This is specific and personal coaching; more intensive to work on and give you what you want. Especially valuable when used to reduce and overcome unwanted issues.

Small Groups where we train, coach and learn together in a social environment, gaining experiences through exercises similar to those on a shooting day.

For the hunter who lives within traveling distance we offer in-depth classes providing comprehensive direction in the art and science of dog training.

We train using tried and tested proven British methods, methods that have been used to bring out the work ability and responsiveness in the British dog that has a more sensitive nature. We work to balance the dog’s motivation with control bringing out the drive to do the required work with the obedience to do so safely and in partnership with the handler/owner.

All gun dog breeds taken in for training to owner's requirements.

After 6 years in the USA, Robin is now based in Aberdeen Scotland, on a shoot on 7,500 acres. This is a wonderful shoot offering dogs in training the real deal.

We work in conjunction with shippers in the USA and UK ensuring a smooth transition sending your dog to the UK.

We have limited availability for residential dog training and refresher courses for gundogs. We also offer obedience training for gundog breeds. Please enquire regarding pricing and slots.